Leah Boit uLima Field Champion

I have met many farmers in my daily engagement as uLima field Champion, but Nicholas Kiptum has impressed me, he does farm with great passion despite being approximately 70years of age. Leah Boit remembers vividly the first visit at his farm in Tebeswet village Kiplombe Sub- County, during the introduction as an agricultural officer, he welcomed me wholeheartedly affirming that he was in need of my services which he has never had before.

Nicholas is a horticulture farmer but sometimes plants maize in his 0.5 acres piece of land. When he learned that we were conducting soil testing, Nicholas “I have longed for the service but didn’t know where to get the service.” The farm had disappointed him in terms of yield despite applying the recommended fertilizers. Nicholas explained, “when he tries to plant other crops like capsicum, he totally gets loss”. At that time he had just harvested maize where he got extremely low yields (2bags 90kg bag). The reason for the low yield was too much acidity in his soil.

He paid for the soil test that advised him on the correction plan which he did. He later planted Tomatoes this time with confidence that he was going to get good yields. Though he did not have a smartphone to access the uLima library, his son downloaded the uLima App and the farmer was pleased to see that uLima App could help him identify some problems in his crops with the aid of the pictures displayed. To ensure crop rotation, he has practiced intercrop of maize and beans using KynoNafaka and recently top-dressed with KynoPlus S. He is confident that he is going to get a higher yield.

Nicholas also does tree, flower farming and beekeeping which he sells to the locals. I am glad to bring hope to Nicholas and many other farmers who need our extension services in the community.


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